“Creme Velvet” Covering Cremes

An oil base heavy texture covering creme in a variety of tones that has a dense opaque property that provides for heavy coverage. Used frequently in difficult cases where restorative work is required. Provides smooth natural coverage for less than perfect skin types or special need cases. Colors can be mixed and blended for added versatility.

Oil Based      55% Pigment      1.48 oz net wt

$23.80 each

06 Creme Velvet Covering1701 Ivory

1702 Sand

1703 Ocher

1704 Light Beige

1705 Beige

1706 Medium Beige

1707 Dark Beige

1708 Light Tan

1709 Tan

1710 Dark Tan

1711 Cinnamon

1712 Medium Tropical

1713 Sunglow

1714 Roman Bronze

1715 Dark Cocoa

1716 Dark Olive Gold

1717 Light Olive

1718 Golden Olive

1719 Golden Tan

1720 Ebony

1721 Flesh


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