Color Palettes

Professionally developed palettes combining compatible colors simplify the art of cosmetic application. Easy to use, color correct, each shade was carefully chosen to bring you the optimum in normal to difficult restoration.


#2109 Illusion 3-Color Palettes

$ 16.80 each

3 “Illusion Cremes in one Palette

Yellow/Amber …… Neutralizes Bruising/Blue-Black Stain

Mint ….. Neutralizes Redness/Red Stain

Lavender ….. Neutralizes Jaundice/Yellow-Green Colors

09 Corrective PaletteCAMOUFLAGE PALETTE

#3304 Camouflage 5 Color Palettes

$ 24.60 each

5 of our special occlusive cremes formulated to cover, conceal and neutralize all difficult skin discolorations.

QUICK FIX PALETTE09 Quick Fix Palette

#1420 Quick Fix 5-Color Palette

$ 24.60 each

5 of our quick fix medium texture cover cremes in one easy to use palette. True skin tone colors can be easily blended for any skin tone color.