“Derma-Glow” Translucent Liquid Complexion Tint

“Derma-Glow” is a translucent liquid tint in 3 life-like skin tone colors . . . Natural, Flesh, and Blush.

8 oz   $18.40 each                           16 oz $23.80 each

Natural produces a suntan color, excellent for men’s hands and faces. “Derma-Glow” brings out a natural tissue color in ethnic skin tones as well. Flesh re-creates a pink skin tone color in women, children, and older people, delicate and life-like with just the right amount of tissue color. Blush adds just a hint of natural color for that much desired no-makeup look.07 Derma Glow

Flesh (pink tone) #1621            Blush#1623           Natural (suntan) #1625