“Derma-Tint” Liquid Powder Tints

“Derma-Tint” is a fine quality liquid tint containing powder and pigment suspended in a solvent base. Restores natural tissue glow to the skin from light skin tones to ethnic skin tones. The superior qualities of our new Derma-Tint emollients allow the powder and pigment to stay in suspension longer than other brands and requires less re-capping and re-mixing during application.

8 oz    $18.40 ea                         16 oz   $23.80 ea

1602-08/1602-16   Rose Beige07 Derma Tint
1604-08/1604-16   Golden Beige
1606-08/1606-16   True Beige
1608-08/1608-16   Golden Olive
1610-08/1610-16    Suntan
1612-08/1612-16    Amaretto
1614-08/1614-16    Egyptian Bronze
1616-08/1616-16    Mahogany