Highlight Cremes/Oil Base Creme Blush

A highly pigmented oil based highlight creme used to accent and contour bone structure on women. An overall color used to highlight and restore natural color lost to old age or illness in both men and women. Use this creme to restore natural color to infants and children without skin tone problems, possibly eliminating the need for covering cremes.

.75 oz net wt     $ 18.40 each

1308 Rosetone

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Highlight Cremes/Oil Base Creme Blush

1319 Browntone
1338 Pinktone
1339 Cedartone
1350 Mocha
1351 Mahogany
1352 Plum
1353 Natural
1354 Light Pink
1355 Nude Pink
1356 Dubonnet
1357 Rich Mauve