“Illusion Cremes”

“Illusion Cremes” provide a corrective veil of color designed to counteract problem skin tones. Applied first as a base for covering cremes, sheer formulation applies the opposite color for the problem … and neutralizes it.

Lavender counteracts jaundice skin tones. Mint counteracts red ruddy skin tones. Yellow counteracts blue/black skin tones or bruises. Amber and Orange counteract blue/black skin tones or bruises on darker skin. White is used for some difficult to neutralize situations.

Available in Sticks, Liquids (Water Base) or Cremes (Oil Base)

$18.40 each

08 Illusion Creme


3107 Lavender      3108 Yellow      3109 Mint


2101 Lavender     2103 Yellow     2102 Mint     2108 White


2106 Lavender     2104 Yellow     2105 Mint     2111 White     2107 Amber     2110 Orange