Cover Crème/Color All-In-One Kits

Color kits are our most natural lip & hilight colors grouped together for maximum effectiveness, value and variety of colors. Perfect size and selection to take to the church or to cary to the state room or chapel for quick touch ups! A good variety of our best selling natural colors. Cover cremes are Derma-Pro Creme Velvet oil-based formulas in natural skintone colors.

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8-in-One Lip Color Kit #1861

$46.40 each

6-in-One Lip Color Kit #1734

$46.40 each

 16 All in One 6 CoverCremes

6-in-One Cover Creme Kits: 6 True Skintone Colors in Each Kit

$46.40 Each

Light/Medium      6-in-One Cover Creme Kit #1731

Medium Dark      6-in-One Cover Creme Kit #1735

 12-in-One Cover Creme Kits

$69.50 each

Each kit contains 12 Creme Velvet Cover Cremes, all natural skintone colors! Available in Light/Medium and Medium/Dark selections.

Light/Medium      12 in One Cover Creme Kit #1732

Medium/Dark      12 in One Cover Creme Kit #1737

12 in One Combo Kits

$69.50 each

8 Creme Velvet Cover Cremes and 4 lip colors/highlight colors in one kit!

Light/Medium     12 in One Combo Kit  #1733

Medium/Dark      12 in One Combo Kit  #1736