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We provide a wide selection of cosmetics for mortuary use to licensed morticians, and funeral homes. Technical assistance and support is available 24 hours a day by calling 1-800-531-9744, emailing, or visit the contacts page of our website.

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Ethnic Standard Cosmetic Kits:
Black, Hispanic, Oriental, Caucasian
Professionals Choice Cosmetic Kit
Deluxe Cosmetic Kit

Velvet Touch Liquid Covering Cremes 🎨
Quick Fix Sticks Cover Crème in Stick Form 🎨
Crème Velvet Covering Cremes
Matte Finish Covering Cremes 🎨
Perfection Covering Cremes 🎨
Derma-Tint Liquid Powder Tints
Derma-Glow Translucent Liquid Complexion Tints
Cover Sticks/Camouflage Cremes/Neutralizers  🎨
Illusion Cremes

Color Palettes:
Illusion UnderBase/Primer Palette  🎨
Camouflage Palette  🎨
Quick Fix Palette  🎨
Mosaic Powder Collections:
Mosaic Finishing Powder Collection
Mosaic Powder Blush Collection

Translucent Powders 🎨
Powder Blush/Highlight Colors 🎨

Highlight Cremes/Oil Base Crème Blush
Lip Colors
Derma-Tint Liquid Lip Tint
Eye Shadow/Matte Finish 🎨

Miscellaneous Supplies:
Atomizer/Powder Blower
Brush Wash
Derma-Pro Application Manual
Derma-Pro Cosmetic Catalog
Derma-Tac/Eye & Lip Seal
Disposable Neck Strips/Garment Protection
Massage Oil
Massage Crème
Spatula/Stainless Steel Blade & Rosewood Handle
Morticians Waxes
Basic Brush Kit
Professionals Choice Brush Set

Picture Perfect Color Chart

Cover Crème/Color All-In-One Kits:
6-In-One Color Kit
6-In-One Lip Color Kit
6-In-One Cover Crème Kits:
12-In-One Cover Crème Kits
12-In-One Combo Kits
6-In-One Illusion Crème/Primer Kit

Powder Strokes 🎨
Powder Brush Powder Strokes 🎨
Blush/Highlight Powder Strokes 🎨

Cosmetic Cases for Storage or Travel Between Locations:
Basic/All Purpose Carrying Case
Pro Aluminum Case
Pro Tier Case
Silver Metal Case
Black Trolley Case

Airbrush Makeup System:
The Complete Airbrush System
Airbrush Compressor and Gun
Airbrush Cosmetics 🎨
Airbrush Cleaner


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