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We will be the leader in the mortuary cosmetic industry by exceeding funeral directors’ expectations and the expectations of the families they serve.

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Derma-Pro Mortuary Cosmetics Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Derma-Pro Mortuary Cosmetics

Thank you for your interest in Derma-Pro Mortuary Cosmetics, truly the finest and easiest to use of any professional cosmetic line available today.

Developed for the funeral profession by funeral professionals, our products are easy to apply with a minimum of different colors to use, eliminating a shelf full of unwanted, unneeded cosmetics. Mortuary cosmetics are our only business, not a side line or accommodation product. We use only the finest ingredients available to formulate our products.

The Derma-Pro line of professional cosmetics has everything you need to achieve professional results from the natural ‘no makeup’ look (translucent), to the most difficult cases that require covering cremes (opaque), without the heavy made up pancake look.

Our products may be purchased in kit form (everything you need prepackaged and ready to use, no mixing or blending required, cleans up with soap and water) or by individual item, priced for easy reorder and fill in or trial applications.

We also offer a complete line of fine brushes and applicators.

Specialty kits for Black, Hispanic, Oriental and Caucasian application are now available to funeral homes and licensed morticians. Technical assistance and support is available 24 hours a day by calling the Derma-Pro Assist Line at 1-800-531-9744.

M.S.D.S. pages are supplied with each order, for every product. Although most of our products contain no hazardous ingredients. M.S.D.S. is still sent with every order to assure your firm is in compliance with state and local agencies.

We are so confident that you will like the results that you can achieve by using Derma-Pro Mortuary Cosmetics that we offer a full money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied simply return any unused products for a full refund. For more information, or to place your order for the finest professional cosmetics today, call 1-800-531-9744.

Sincerely yours,

Ron Smith

Contact Derma-Pro Mortuary Cosmetics

Email: sales@derma-pro.net
Mail: P.O. Box 453, Corsicana, Texas, 75151
Phone: 1-800-531-9744           
Fax: 903-641-0383

European Distribution Partner

We are a licensed Derma-Pro Cosmetics distributor in Europe and an official distributor of Frigid Fluid products in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as Baltic Countries.

We offer a wide range of courses available in both Polish and English language (other languages on request). Our instructors are BIR qualified with many successful years of working in the trade in Europe. We offer individual or group training, we can also organize training for staff at your workplace.

  • Funeral Makeup course using Derma-Pro Cosmetics products with basic mortuary training
  • Restorative Art
  • Anatomical Pathology Technician (APT)
  • Embalming
Derma-Pro Mortuary Cosmetics Balsamista Distributor

Check our full range of cosmetics, equipment, and training on our website.

Mobile PL: +48 570-825-000
Mobile ENG/PL: +44 7955-824-926

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