Ethnic Standard Cosmetic Kits


A must for every prep room. Choose from Black skin tones, Hispanic skin tones, or Asian skin tones.

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Applicable to Male/Female/Infants/Children. A must for every prep room. Each kit contains the latest colors for each ethnic skin tone group.

  • Choose one skin tone set per kit:
  • #1303 Black Skin Tones
  • #1304 Hispanic Skin Tones
  • #1305 Oriental Skin Tones

Each “Ethnic Standard” Kit Contains the Following Cosmetics:

  • 5 Matte finish water base or oil base covering cremes
  • 2 camouflage cremes
  • 2 Translucent Powders
  • 2 Blush/highlight colors
  • 2 Eye shadow colors
  • 4 Lip colors
  • 1 Mascara color
  • 1 Eye pencil
  • 1 Lip wax

⇒ The complete kit is a  $392.60 value, Derma-Pro priced at $349.00

⇒ Optional Cosmetic Kit Carrying Case #1310 is also available.

Skin Tone

#1303 Black Skin Tones, #1304 Hispanic Skin Tones, #1305 Oriental Skin Tones


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